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Zain Imam

Zain Imam is one of the most sort after heroes that we have on Indian television now. He has managed to make his chocolate boy looks work for him and over the years, established himself as an actor that can battle any role with equal ease. After all, who does not remember his performance as Neil Khanna in Naamkarann and Yuvraj Luthra in Tashan-E-Ishq?

His recent show ‘Ek Bhram: Sarvagun Sampanna’ has recently gone on air and people are already talking on how good he is on this show as well. We caught up with the actor for a quick fun chit chat and here is what he had to say.

Q) The TRP and response to ‘Ek Bhram: Sarvagun Sampanna is very good. How do you feel about the same?

Yes, it has indeed been an outstanding experience. To be a part of the show that looks quite promising is a nice experience. It is a part of our responsibility about how the show does and I am glad that with this show we have managed to do the same.

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

Q) Your scenes with Ayub Khan look very powerful. What goes behind shooting these scenes, what is the chemistry like?

He is a brilliant actor and a great human being. When we are shooting, we try to rehearse our scenes well. There is a certain amount of bonding that we have, a certain rapport. We treat him with certain kind of jazz. So I feel when there is a comfort zone between the actors, then the scenes come out very well.

Q) Is there any characteristic that you have that is similar to Kabir?

If you talk about me as Zain, then I am very strong headed and determined like Kabir is. If I have to do something then I make sure that I do it. So to some extend I think there are some similarities that I share with Kabir.

Zain Imam In Sarvagun Sampanna

Q) Any particular reason to choose Kabir Mittal to make your comeback on TV?

See I am a very content driven actor. So when I read the script and screenplay and I see that this character is very demanding and I am able to convince and connect with the character well, then I take up that show. So I think this is a very important character and at the same time very strong. So I had to take it to prove my prowess.

Q) Even your last show on Star Plus was hugely popular and in that too we saw you play a quintessential good boy, so how different or similar is Kabir is to Neil

It is more or less similar. See, when you are doing positive, zyada kuch karne ko hota nahi hai. You have to wear poker face and be always right. When you are doing negative, which I have done in the past and I personally love playing the negative character. There was one that I did in Ishqbaaz and then in Tashn-E-Ishq. So there one gets to do much more.

Q) It has been a very eventful year for you. You have done reality TV, ventured into business and now you have come back on Star Plus with a daily soap.

I can’ thank the God enough. All that happened is all due to God’s grace. Upper wale ki dua hai. I think all these as blessing and the way I am, I see it as that you put in something and the universe gives it back to you. So you have to stay positive and all the positive things happen to you. Whatever you demand, you will get it. This is what I swear by.

Q) Like you were mentioning a while back that you have done negative characters, done the goodie two shoes roles and even reality. This is very rare quality that one sees in TV actors. Along with this, you are not missing from the screen for long gap. How do you manage to do that?

Main apne aap ko gayab hone hi nahi deta (laughs). Honestly, people keep wondering and even asking me that you are now in this and now doing that also. I think this is the time to earn and to be seen. Any time during the year one can take a break and take rest but when you are doing well, you should make most of it. I feel that there is a time for every actor and you have a few years to either make your mark or to break yourself. So I think that I have made a mark for myself and I am just thankful on how far I have come along and all that is coming my way. I love that people are watching me and they are liking my work. If that is there then I think my job is done.

Q) Also your chemistry with all your co-stars is the talk of the town. Whether it was with Avni played by Aditi Rathore and now with Tanvi. We see fans wanting to see you back with some of your co-stars.

Ab hum romance hi aisa karte hai ki kya bataye… (laughs). As an actor if you are not able to do justice to what you do then I think that you are not doing your job well. If you are able to do justice and can convince the audience that you are completely in love, then you are succeeding. Obviously, there is nothing there in the real life but if audience buys in that there is something in between the two, then your job is done. I think that is what the audience has felt in my old shows like Namkarann and a few others. And I am glad that I could bring that on the screen and that the audience have enjoyed it.

Q) Also fans of Avniel/ AdiZa have been sending messages, would you like to send a message to them?

Namkarann has been a superhit show and it is only due to the fans. We are what we are all thanks to them. They have been pretty loyal. It has been more than a year that Namkarann has gone off air and still you can see so many edits floating on the internet and messages and fan mails for Namkarann. Rarely, there have been shows like that. One year is a really long time on TV. People forget the shows that have gone off air like three months ago and they move on. I think after Tash – E- Ishq, this has been my biggest show.

Q) Also fans have asked if it is true that you call Shrenu Parikh chutki on the sets?

(Laughs) Yes I call her chutki. Because she is like that only. Sometimes when I am doing scenes with her, I feel like I am her father and not Ayub Khan. I feel huge in front of her. So we keep cracking all these kinds of jokes on sets while shooting. None of us mind. I try and make sure that the environment is very positive around us so we keep doing one thing or another.

Q) Talking about the environment, the sets of the show are huge, the entire set up is so larger than life.

Yeah, the sets are beautiful. They have been built up by Umang Kumar, who was earlier an art director and now he has become a director. Also this show is like a baby for Dipti Mam, so she has given a lot of time and attention to every detail of the set and its nitty gritty. She has kept everything in mind including feng shui and everything else. It is huge and impactful. If it is working for the show then I am glad.

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Q) Any message you will like to share to your fans

All I would like to say is that since they have supported me in whatever I have done, and I hope they continue to do that. With fans sometimes what happens is that there are fans of Neil or they are fans of Tashan – E – Ishq or there are fans of Zain and then there are fans of AvNeil. All I want is just one thing and request for one thing. And that is unity between all of them. I want unity between all groups and fandoms and for them to support each other. I wish that they would be together and stay together.



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