Zain Imam Being Veeru In This Video Flirting With Bharti Will Make You Want To Be His Basanti!


Who doesn’t remember the iconic Jai and Veeru from Sholay and even more than that the poor evil mausiji is now used as a metaphor to describe the villain by every Veeru in his love story.

Just like us, the drunkard Veeru trying to woo mausiji in his own dramatic style is every television’s actor most loved scene too but guess what, we have seen only a few enacting the same in a way that made us laugh.

And to tell you all, Zain Imam is the new Veeru of T-town, who for a change, can be seen convincing the new mausi aka Bharti for a marriage and that too while threatening to suicide from a two feet long container!

Well, the scene might be different a bit yet the way Zain Imam and Bharti are stealing all the ‘awws’ of people out there for being the cutest Veeru and mausiji is unmatched!

Watch the video here –

Now who wouldn’t want to the Basanti for this Veeru?!



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