Zain Imam Rides For 27 Kms On Cycle! – IN PICS

Zain Imam

Besides being an exceptionally good actor, television’s handsome hunk Zain Imam is known for his good looks and physique as well.

The actor seems to be a complete foodie from all we know but at the same time, makes it a point to shed the extra kilos with a regular workout regime.

The latest fitness craze has got the actor to take up cycling and we do have some rigorous routine here, from what we can see from his latest post .

Sharing some of his clicks as he completed a 27km distance from Andheri to Bandra, the actor sure seems to be charged up and dedicated for that intensive workout now.

Maintaining the fitness mantra with the mask on for the safety, the actor made sure to follow the norms too while at it.

Also the little twist in the tale can be seen through his caption where you’ll be easily able to spot the menu of food he had on the way.

Well that really is, a routine we haven’t seen yet! Watch his post right below –


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