Zain Imam’s Social Networking Accounts HACKED – BEWARE OF IMPOSTERS!

Zain Imam

Actor Zain Imam needs no introduction whatsoever. Whether with India or abroad the actor has made a name for himself with his acting abilities.

He has portrayed various characters on TV, from Abhimanyu in Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, to Yuvi/ Yuvraj Luthra in Tashan E Ishq, Abeer Dharmadhikari in Yeh Vaada Raha, Neil Khanna in Naamkarann, Mohit in Ishqbaaaz and Kabir Mittal in Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, in every shade he has impressed.

It is no wonder Zain has such a huge fan following.

At times actors tend to face trouble too given their popularity. And it is Zain Imam this time on whom trouble has befallen.

He has taken to his Instagram account and mentioned that his social networking accounts FACEBOOK and GMAIL has been hacked.

Spreading the word of caution that his accounts have been compromised he has clearly stated that if anyone is contacted through DM/ GMAIL/ FACEBOOK pretending to be him then it should be reported.

He has also stated that he is in touch with the social networking site Facebook team to resolve the issue.

Read Zain Imam’s latest Instagram post notifying his fans and followers of the untoward occurrence below.

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Guys my facebook and gmail has been hacked by somebody and trying to impersonate me. This is a heads up for anybody who gets a email or message from the messenger.kindly report it and spread this news. MeanWhile i am in talks with the facebook team to get this thing sorted. Till then kindly be-aware of this person who is trying to send a link to open a web album informing about a international travel collaboration . Dont entertain this person if he/she approaches you on DM or gmail or facebook The moment you put your id or password they will be able to access your account somehow P.s: I AM ANEWAY NOT TOO ACTIVE ON FACEBOOK and earlier as well i have heard that people are having a conversation from fake accounts pretending to be me. Kindly use your brains and not speak to the person because obv it wouldnt be me who you would be talking to. @facebook @instagram @google

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Zain Imam's Insta StoryZain Imam's Insta StoryZain Imam's Insta Story

So Zain Imam fans spread the word and don’t let the imposters fool you. Beware and proceed in the social networking world with caution!


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