Zee TV’s Manmohini Sets New Standard For Horror Shows On TV! – Here Are Our 5 Reasons Stating How! – REVIEW


Forget watching all the ghosts and daayans and naagins on TV, this new series of Manmohini truly is a masterpiece to watch out for.

And mind you, we aren’t exaggerating at all when we are saying this. Manmohini truly sets the bar high in terms of screenplay, special effects, art direction, cinematography and more when it comes to Indian TV’s standard of horror shows.

It surpassed our expectations in many ways and if you love watching horror, you should definitely give it a chance.

Here are our 5 reasons why we loved watching the show –


Gives You The Big Screen Feel From The Start!

The makers have wonderfully captured the beauty of Rajasthani locales, the desert, the culture, the folk themed songs packed with great cinematography.

From the very start, it makes you feel as if you are watching a film. We haven’t lately seen a show capturing Rajasthan so beautifully as they did in Manmohini.

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