Zee TV’s Manmohini Sets New Standard For Horror Shows On TV! – Here Are Our 5 Reasons Stating How! – REVIEW


Great Special Effects!

There are ample number of horror shows going on in TV. But the special effects in each of them aren’t as good. In fact, TV’s VFX are more like the standard of 1970s. They are tacky and look very fake most of the time.


Manmohini somehow breaks that barrier. The special effects are marvelling to say in one word.

The use of sand becoming a body and breaking away from the same, the picture of Rana Sa created on the sand, each time Mohini flies in the air, the desert storm turning into huge dangerous faces – Nothing looked tacky or fake.

For once, we have a show that’s really has set the bar high for special effects on television.

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  1. Everything is okay except the leads!!!

    They just can’t act!!!

    Reyhna looks the bright spot among those two non-actors!!!

    Honestly if the choice is between Reyhna and that girl, I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind choosing that girl!!!!


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