Zee TV’s Manmohini Sets New Standard For Horror Shows On TV! – Here Are Our 5 Reasons Stating How! – REVIEW


Reyhna Malhotra As Mohini!

She is impressive. As a viewer who has seen her as Svetlana in Ishqbaaaz, I am mildly surprised.

Obviously she had to work on her accent for the Hindi Mohini speaks, has a lot of old Rajasthani touch and she is doing a pretty good job there.

She is a beautiful ghost to look at too and she brilliantly puts forth Mohini’s eagerness, pain, desperation and her longing and yearning for her Rana sa.

The way she looks at him as if he is her favourite candy, is our favourite expression from her!

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  1. Everything is okay except the leads!!!

    They just can’t act!!!

    Reyhna looks the bright spot among those two non-actors!!!

    Honestly if the choice is between Reyhna and that girl, I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind choosing that girl!!!!


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