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Zindagi Ki Mehak : Clash Of Views – A Look At MehRya, Kanta Chachi And Viewers’ POV!

Zindagi Ki Mehak
Zindagi Ki Mehak

Our own MehRya digital fans on social media are raging with anger against Kanta chachi for trying to separate Mehak and Shaurya.

From The Viewers’ POV

As per the fans, they agree that Shaurya Khanna made the mistake of hurting the Sharma’s, especially Mehak only for the sake of his business. But who doesn’t do mistakes? To err is to be human, to forgive is to be divine. Shaurya learnt from his mistakes and finally accepted it. Isn’t it too harsh not to forgive him? – That’s what the fans feel.

Karan Vohra As Shaurya From Zindagi Ki Mehak
Karan Vohra As Shaurya From Zindagi Ki Mehak

Shaurya Khanna has his own aura and charm. He rightly influenced the Sharma family members. Some of them are, namely, PD, Nehal, Sonal and Mohit, are helping Shaurya so that he can get his Mehak back. Well, Shaurya has done some good deeds to save Nehal and Sonal. He deserves this help. Actually, he earned it!

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It can’t be denied that ‘The Shaurya Khanna’ has surrendered his mountain sized ego in love. He accepted his love in front of Mehak, proposed to her in a romantic way, apologized in front of media, accepted his act of stealing the recipe book by fooling the Sharma family, repented his mistake by naming the street on Mehak’s mother’s name as the Meera Sharma road. He did this just to get his love back in his life.

And for all that, as per the viewers, he should earn forgiveness and get Mehak back!

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